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Artist of the Month

This is a special program used to recognize Victoria Art League members and their artistic creations. It is open to all participating Art League members regardless of their level of experience. The Victoria Art League will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage to any work displayed in the gallery.

Below are the guidelines:

  • Must be a member of the Victoria Art League and have 10 hours of recorded volunteer hours serving VAL in the past six months.
  • Art will be displayed on the four rolling panels in the Nichols Gallery.
  • The four rolling panels will be available on the first day of the month and should be empty on the last day of the month.
  • All aspects of visual art must be acceptable in a community art gallery environment open to the public.
  • Artists are responsible for hanging and taking down artwork.
  • Display area should be maintained in a presentable manner throughout the show.
    • We do not require that all artwork be framed. We do, however, expect that the artwork will be presented in an attractive, artistic manner.
  • Artists are encouraged to host a special reception to promote their exhibit at his/her own expense and must be scheduled with the Victoria Art League.¬†Such reception would be the responsibility of the artist and would need to be scheduled with the Victoria Art League.¬†
  • VAL will promote the artist through the website, Facebook, newsletter, etc.
  • The artist is welcome to add additional promotion of his/her works at their own expense.
  • Sales of the displayed artwork will be processed using the same guidelines that are used for all other gallery sales.

November of the Month Artist

Bill Bauer had been involved in art for 50+ years. He is a graduate of Texas Tech in Art Education and taught in the Victoria Public School system as an art teacher for 34 years and has since retired. He taught and created pottery for most of those years and since retirement he has broadened his horizons to include other mediums. These include oil painting, scratch-board, drawing, acrylic, and watercolor along with pottery and sculpture. Bill's exhibit includes examples of all these types of art with subject mater from non-objective to realism. He continues to expand his knowledge by attending workshops in these mediums. Bill has been President of the Victoria Art League for 6 years and instituted the pottery program there which has continued to grow with classes being taught regularly. He has been married to Susan for 46 years and has 3 children and 7 wonderful grandchildren. He broadens his life experiences through lots of travel to other countries, most recently to India and China. Bill feels that "art is an expression of life and should be experienced in some way by every person." Bill's exhibit will be up from November 10th through December in the J & J Gallery at the Victoria Art League Community Center.

Our Mission

The mission of the VAL is to provide opportunities for creation, exhibition, education and appreciation of visual art for children and adults.